In a sign that children may finally be coming to their senses, many young Miley Cyrus fans say they aren't happy with the direction the pop star is going. At 17, Cyrus is ditching her innocent image for a darker, sexier look, evidenced by the cover of her latest album, Can't Be Tamed. But her younger fans don't get it. Perry Hamm, 11, told the Times, "I feel like she acts 25. She looks so old. She is too old for herself." Take notes, Bieber.

After gimmicks like posing nearly nude for Vanity Fair and pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards, the preteens and young teenagers who make up her core group of fans are beginning to feel alienated. One mother said, “I’m just impressed with kids picking up on the change and saying it’s not that interesting and they don’t relate. It’s almost as if these young stars don’t realize it is a turnoff." But what's a 17-year-old to do when she's grown out of her Hannah Montana wig? Another parent says the star's new image is just a product of "raging hormones. She is testing the limits of the box and what is appropriate."

Of course, this is no different than anything Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan has gone through. The younger fans will complain about how "she is exposing herself," while the college guys will anticipate her 18th birthday so they won't have to feel to guilty about putting up her posters in their frat houses. But whatever side you're on, can we at least agree that "Party in the USA" (or the "Party and Bullshit" mashup) is damn catchy?