Ever since Mickey Rourke's performance in The Wrestler has celebrated, the press has devoted many stories to his comeback—and how he credits his dogs with saving his life (he discusses them a lot during his awards acceptance speeches). Last week, his beloved dog Loki passed away but Rourke was able to keep Loki's memory with him on Oscar night by way of a necklace Queens resident Betina Wasserman sent him.

Wasserman explained to Urbanite, "I recently lost a dog myself. I just wanted to do something nice for a fellow dog lover who is heartbroken.” She figured out how to get in touch with Rourke's publicist and sent over a necklace. Next thing Wasserman knew, there was a message from Rourke: "He says, 'Hi, I'm Mickey Rourke,' and I thought I was going to throw up. Then he said that was such a kind gesture and then he says, 'I got it on and I ain't takin' it off.'"

Wasserman has a full-time job, but makes jewelry and other crafts in her spare time. Her Etsy store is Wicked World, and she can customize a similar pendant with an image you provide her—but she's not making Loki pendants for sale. She said, "This was meant to be a token of love from one dog lover to another."