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In 1981, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger had a letter typed out (right? he didn't type it himself) to Rolling Stone magazine's Jann Wenner, which read: "In return for my consent to allow you to register the name 'Rolling Stone' what do you offer as far as cover stories, special small ad rates and summer clothes coverage?"

According to legend, the band and the magazine both took their names from the Muddy Waters song "Rolling Stone," which the magazine has also claimed in the past. But while there's no dispute about the origin of the band's name, some believe the magazine took their name as a nod to the group. One person even claims Jagger was on the masthead in the early days. Since early rock n' roll facts are hard to track down and confirm (see: sharks), we'll just let the legends circulate while we stare at this beautifully typed, humorous letter.