The last time HBO signed up for a show from executive producer Terence Winter that had Martin Scorsese affiliated they ended up with Boardwalk Empire, so why wouldn't the premium cable network want to try again? Especially if Mick Jagger is involved! The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that talks are getting serious for a new hourlong drama from the trio, set in 1977 New York, following the adventures of a coke-addled record executive.

The still-untitled show, which comes from the noggin of Jagger himself, is still in script form but would focus on the era when "punk, disco and a new form of music called hip-hop collided" and would include a lot of the Boardwalk team, plus folks from Scorsese and Jagger's camps. Sounds interesting!

Note that this isn't the only show set in that time period in the works. Just like there are two fairy tale shows on the networks this season, Showtime has its '70s music industry show, tentatively called Vinyl, in the works as well. It will explore "multiple aspects of the music business, from the perspective of record executives and rock stars to drug pushers and prostitutes."