Candace Bushnell; Photo - HyperionHellfire and damnation, Michiko Kakutani reviews Candace Bushnell's new book, Trading Up. As Elle "Legally Blonde" Woods. No joke. Kakutani, as Elle, writes a memo to the book's main character, Janey Wilcox:

"Excuse the interruption, but I just read your story in "Trading Up," and thought I really, really need to write you. I mean, we Blondes have to stick together, right? And we both started out with so much in common — like we coulda been sisters at Delta Nu!"

Somewhere in the contrivance, Gothamist found the soundbite: "It's like Candace Bushnell wanted to satirize your life. Or she wanted to try to put that Edith Wharton chick Undine Spragg in some kind of Jackie Susann story, and decided to channel it all through you!"

The review that makes us wonder if Michiko is working for MGM/UA to pimp Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde.

The NY Post looks at Candace Bushnell's married life with dancer Charles Askegard. Gothamist on the Candace Bushnells for the 21st century: Bridget Harrison and Amy Sohn. Colin McEnroe's hysterical piece for McSweeney's, "I Am Michiko Kakutani."