Michelle Williams is going platinum to play the titular bombshell in My Week With Marilyn, a new "docudrama" about Marilyn Monroe that was just announced as the centerpiece of this October's New York Film Festival.

Marilyn follows a week in the life of Monroe, circa 1956, newly married to Arthur Miller and traveling to England to film The Prince and the Showgirl. Film Society of Lincoln Center chief Richard Pena told the LA Times, "after seeing Marilyn Monroe so often portrayed in films as a caricature, it is a pleasure to see this complex personality and unique on-screen presence portrayed so well by such a talented actress as Michelle Williams." Films given the centerpiece slot are viewed as possible awards contenders (film buffs might recall that Williams was nominated for an Oscar for last year's Blue Valentine.)

In related Marilyn movie news, Naomi Watts will battle Williams for the crown of blond supremacy when her Monroe biopic, the Joyce Carol Oates-penned Blonde, opens sometime next year. But will either of them compare to the bubbly power of the real thing? You be the judge: