2005_02_spacemaclaylarge.jpgMichelle Maclay and Tasha Space are the funny and talented producers of the Comedy Social, a weekly comedy show in the East Village.

The Basics.
Astrological Sign.
Tasha: Pisces.
Michelle: Sagittarius– the best sign there is to be.

Day job.
Tasha: The Comedy Social, free-lance brand consulting, writing, and I also teach a graduate class in communications.

Bad Habit.
Michelle: Using my credit card to buy coffee and Gummi bears at the local bodega.
Tasha: I don’t clean up after myself and I spill a lot.

Two For Two.
You include the audience in the show which is interactive and fun.
What's so funny about a Comedy Social crowd?

The audience is smart and interesting—they don’t come to be funny, but to have fun—so hilarity often ensues. A Comedy Social crowd wants to laugh and is not afraid to do so. The Social audience is willing to relax and let loose. They want to have fun no matter how silly they look doing it.

Speedaux-Deedo! How did that come about?
Honestly I don’t remember, but as with all of our ridiculous inventions I am sure booze was part of the creating process. We wanted a fun game that we could play with our audience. We were drunk and thought that the dictionary should no longer own the market on making words up.

What's the best improvement to New York in the past year?
Tasha: The reopening of the MOMA, definitely. (I heard it’s really nice.)
Michelle: Paris Hilton spending more and more time in L.A. and less in NYC.

What or who makes you laugh?
Tasha: Seeing a grown man fall. (Unless there’s something wrong with him.)
Michelle: People falling down. Once I know they are ok, of course, I then laugh. Animals talking, me making them talk inside my head…and I never can get enough of Brian Regan’s Comedy Central Presents Special recorded a few years back.

Who would you stalk if you were guaranteed to NOT get caught?
Tasha:James Spader (call me!)
Michelle: Jamie Foxx

What's the best place in New York for semi-public sex?
Tasha: On top of James Spader
Michelle: The fire escape.

Complete this non-SAT analogy: "Page Six is to Gossip as Comedy Social is to _____."
Senseless fun.