Director, Brooklynite and cardboard box aficionado, Michel Gondry is offering up some quirky deals on his website. For example, you can get a roll of toilet paper with his very own random thoughts imprinted on it for just $13.95 (2-ply, 500 sheets per roll!). You can also get a replica prop from his movie The Science of Sleep: the disasterology calendar, for just $5.95 (it's for 2007, but will be accurate again in 2018!). But hands down the most coveted object being offered up (we can't imagine how long this will last after orders start flooding in) is the hand-drawn, signed portrait of YOU by Monsieur Gondry, based off a photo you submit. The cost? Just $19.95. Quite the deal, even during these recessionary times. We'd really like to see an infomercial-esque video to go along with these items, however. [via Pop Candy]