This Friday My Man Is A Loser, starring Michael Rapaport and John Stamos, will hit theaters (and On Demand)... but instead of talking about that, we used our brief time with Rapaport to delve into some of our favorite Ask A Native New Yorker topics. After all, the born and bred New Yorker has been pretty candid with his opinions, particularly those on Spike Lee's gentrification rants, something that has quickly escalated into an insult slap fight between the two.

Below, Rapaport discusses the difference between a Native New Yorker and a Native New York City-er, and weighs in other Important NYC Stuff, rapid fire style.

Who is a Native New Yorker? Can someone from Long Island claim to be one? Yes, you can claim to be a Native New Yorker if you’re from Long Island, but you have to preface it by saying “I’m from Long Island.” You are a New Yorker, you’re not a New York City-er. You’re not from the city, you’re from Long Island. Long Island is of course New York, and it’s an important part of New York. A lot of great people, a lot of great things come from Long Island, my mother’s from Long Island. But, you ain’t from the city and that’s where the inferiority complex comes in. So yes, you can say you’re a native New Yorker but you have to identify yourself.

Is NYC better than LA? Yes, New York City is better than LA. I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles so I’m not gonna bash it. There’s a lot of great things about LA. LA is a far better place to be from December through March, but I’m a New Yorker and I have to say absolutely that New York City is not only better than LA, it’s the best city in the world.

Should New Yorkers let strangers sit on their stoops? I think you could let strangers sit on your stoop if they don’t try to move in. It’s not a camping ground. If you wanna sit there and maybe catch a rest, drink an iced tea, you know 5-10 minutes, that’s good. Other than that, keep it movin’. There has to be boundaries to letting people sit on your stoops, and obviously if there’s any disrespect - loitering, trash, drug selling or anything like that - no you can’t sit there. If you’re just a friendly person and you wanna take a seat or take in some fresh air or something like that, you’re fine.

What's the most New York sport and New York team? I think the most New York sports team, the most identifiable sports team in the world is the New York Yankees. The Yankee hat, the Yankee emblem. But for me, the biggest, most important team is the New York Knicks because basketball is the city’s game and the New York Knicks is our basketball team. So that’s my point of view, my story and I’m stickin’ to it. The Knicks is New York’s most important sports team.