The struggling St. Mark's Bookshop is getting an assist from an infamous supporter of the underdog: Michael Moore! The rabble-rousing filmmaker, who spent his Monday night visiting with the Wall Street Occupiers, is planning to visit the bookstore tomorrow night for a signing.

Apparently, Moore reached out to the bookstore on his own accord, which seems fitting. "St. Mark’s Bookshop is thrilled to host an impromptu stock signing for Michael Moore’s fantastic new memoir Here Comes Trouble this Thursday, September 29 at 7 p.m. We’re playing it by ear, but we will have a mic ready for Mr. Moore. What better way is there to end a day of protesting Wall Street?" writes Margarita Shalina from the Bookshop. "I know this is last-minute, but we literally just found out about it ourselves," she added. Swing by and show your support for both the independent bookstore and the value of speaking up in one fell swoop!