2006_06_mlucas1.jpgName, age, occupation, where are you from and where do you live now.
Michael Lucas, 34, Porn Star/Director/Producer, From Moscow, Now in Chelsea

Would you consider yourself a pioneer in the porn industry? Why?
Well, I am the only gay adult company in the world to produce such high quality entertainment. My movies are the only stylized films with guys being dressed by great fashion designers. My models wear high end clothes from Alessandro Dell'Acqua to Dolce and Gabbana which we provide. For my next major project, Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita (Fall, 2006), the extremely talented fashion editor of FLAUNT Magazine did a stunning photoshoot using the concepts and stars of the film. I am on a mission to make porn more sexy, fashionable, and beautiful, rather than cheesy, tasteless, and tacky.

You're a vocal advocate of actors that don't use drugs and safe sex for your films and the gay community. How has the rest of the industry and the community reacted to this? Do you think this is something that detracts from your product?
I am certain that I will be able to sell more films if I produce bareback (no condom) videos. But this is my company and I have strong principles and beliefs and it is highly irresponsible to show unsafe sex to a community that suffered tremendously through the AIDS crisis. As for the drugs, I refuse to work with people who do not have their head straight. It is dangerous for them, me, and everyone on the set.

What direction is the industry moving in? Are there any trends in production? Movie making techniques?
I think there is a direction towards more plot driven films. After I produced Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons, it seems that everyone wants to create something big and important :)

In addition to being the CEO of Lucas Entertainment, you act and direct your company's films. Is it difficult to ... er, focus at times with all your roles? Do you have a favorite movie from your company or that you've been in?
Yes, it is difficult, especially with me not taking my ADD pills, which were so highly suggested by my doctor! I have a large fanbase that wants to see me in action. Which is fine because I enjoy being in the films. As for directing, I have a new series, Encounters, the theme of which happens to be New York City. The scenes in this series are mostly not directyed by me, but by Tony DiMarco (Lucas Entertainment's Artistic Director) and guest directors such as RuPaul. Even Alan Cumming expressed his interest in guest directing ... he's really trying to conquer it all, don't you think?

When you compare New York to the Los Angeles area, there doesn't seem to be much of a pornographic industry? How does that affect your movies? Is there an inherent difference between films from the two locals?
It is great for me that there is no competition in NYC. It gives me the opportunity to completely dominate New York. I have great models and New Yorkers are very happy to lend me their apartments and businesses as locations. My company has great support. As for Los Angeles, I find their movies can be quite cheesy and the way they shoot is way too sterile. It's just stick it in, stick it out, without much imagination.

2006_06_mlucas2.jpgBesides the obvious things, how does gay porn differ from straight porn? The movies, industry, etc.
Gay porn doesn't make nearly as much money and our budgets are significantly lower. But you know, that's a normal thing. It's a straight world.

You left Russia in 1995, have you been back to visit since then? If so, how has it changed. If not, do you have plans to go back? Could you ever do what you're doing now in Russia?
The last time I went was in 2000 just to help my parents move to the US. I was so disgusted. It's a deeply homophobic and anti-semetic country. Since I am a gay man from a Jewish family, there is definitely nothing for me to do there or be nostalgic about.

Finally, do you have any tips for those that want to enter the adult film industry? Either straight, or gay?
This is not an industry for alcoholics or drug addicts. You cannot just be some little porn boy and party your brains out. Porn is an industry which will use you and spit you out. You have to be disciplined, smart and dedicated. You also have to be ready for tough competition. The adult industry is one of the most competative businesses out there.

What place or thing would you declare a landmark?
My casting couch.

What advice, if any, would you give to Mayor Bloomberg?
I think he should have a new role model, not Gulianni or Bush. The mayor of San Francisco would be better. New York is the gayest city in the world and he should be leading in terms of exercising civil liberties. His silence on gay marriage is embarrassing.

When you just need to get away from it all, where is your favorite place in NYC to be alone?
My apartment. I have three floors including a roofdeck.

Michael Lucas and the men of Lucas Entertainment are appearing tonight (the first gay porn star to do a signing) at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square from 7-9 p.m. For more about Michael, visit Lucas Blog and Lucas Entertainment.