Michael Cera. May we have a word?

You used to be such a polite young man in your red hat.

You were so chill.

You even felt comfortable wearing essentially the same outfit every time you rode the subway.

You were an inspiring figure.

You were a whisper of a dream.

People spoke in hushed tones of the legend of Michael Cera.

Most importantly, you exhibited exemplary subway behavior, the kind that some of your fellow celebrities could stand to learn from.

So where did everything go wrong?

SPOTTED Michael Cera from Superbad chillin on the subway

A photo posted by Rails Of New York (@railsofnewyork) on

We can't say with 100% surety that Cera is wiping his shoes all over the pole (it's technically possible that he is resting them on a suitcase of some sort, as unlikely as it seems) in the photo, but this is as compromised as we've ever seen him. No one splays BOTH feet in the air like that without having something sturdy to lean against. Michael Cera, your core is not that strong.

We've written previously that putting your feet on the seats or pole isn't the most egregious subway etiquette faux pas, but it ain't good either. As we wrote: "The subway is a communal space; it takes just a modicum of courtesy to realize that wiping your feces-encrusted sneakers or your fungus-infused toes all over seats where millions of other people sit everyday is pretty rude."

And you were never rude, Michael. Not when you were advising people to take sun-dried tomatoes seriously. Not when you were sitting quietly reading to yourself.

This isn't the Michael we know.

Despite all this, we're still really excited about seeing Cera in his next role as Lex Luthor.