The Upper West Side is overrun with mice and rats! Or at least that's the idea you get from a story in the Post, which suggests that you might be able to stop buying the Fancy Feast and let your cats feast on Grade A New York City Rat. Complaints have been coming in fast and furious to 311 and Community Board 7, which says, "They're in the 60s, they're in the 100's. They're everywhere." Most people having been calling mice "rats," and one woman said, "Over the weekend, I heard a shriek coming from a nearby brownstone. Then I heard the homeowners congratulating their cat, Leonard, for catching a mouse." Gothamist wonders if Community Board should adopt some tough, alley-cat types from a local shelter and have a mousing patrol, because supers generally don't do that much.

2005_10_scotfold.jpgAnd midtown will be facing a cat invasion, those these cats will probably be too skittish to go after rodents: It's the CFA-IAMS Cat Championship this weekend at Madison Square Garden. And for the first time, there's an agility competition! If only this could be broadcast on USA also!

Gothamist is fans of fluffy cats, like this Scottish Fold, because it's prety funny to see a cat's ears turned down all the time. And here's the $1 off coupon for Cat Show admission.