Matthew Macfayden in MI-5; Photo - BBCBritish import spy show MI-5 premieres tonight on A&E. The L.A. Times says the new tenor of the world, with global politics and international terrorism, helped usher the show to U.S. shores. Quite frankly, Gothamist is excited. It has spies, British accents, and some gratuitous violence. New York's John Leonard thinks MI-5 is more interesting than the Agency [Who even watched that? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?] because "they don’t really care if we like them." Even more of an allure for MI-5: Assholes who don't care what we think. It airs at 9PM, with another repeat at 10PM, but at 10PM, we're watching Queer Eye - no Thursday night condensed half hour version on NBC post Will and Grace for us, unless we really need a pick-me-up.

Get your spy on by checking out the actual government MI-5 website. Or watch Season 1 of 24 on DVD.