This sounds like a total blast: The Kingsbridge Armory, which was almost turned into a shopping mall until the workers started making demands about being paid a living wage, is going to host a Mexican-style rodeo later this month! We've already drooled over renderings for a proposal to turn the giant armory into a cyclist Velodrome, but that's a long way off, even if it does happen. In the meantime, the vacant space is starting to get put to good use, with a concert by Los Tigres del Norte and Hector "El Torito" Acosta drawing an audience of 3,500 last month. On March 25th, the bulls and masked wrestlers will take over.

Zamora Entertainment has secured the 180,000-square-foot for the rodeo this month, and will also presents concerts there in April and May. The Daily News reports that on March 25th, "bucking bulls and live norteño music will headline the rodeo, masked wrestlers will grapple in a padded ring and vendors will sell tacos and other treats." Tickets don't seem to be on sale yet, but keep your eye on the Zamora website. (The 4 train stops directly outside the armory, in case you don't get up to the Bronx that much.)