After Jeremy Lin and the Knicks beat the Los Angeles Lakers at MSG last night, Kobe Bryant and teammates begrudgingly praised Lin's incredible performance. But at least one Laker wasn't shy about showering Lin with admiration and adoration: "Jeremy Lin is a role model! My son is black and Philippine. Asian American... He loves lincredible... Keep it up young fella!!!" tweeted Metta World Peace, aka Lakers guard Ron Artest. And in an even more bizarre and in depth interview with CBS, World Peace gave Lin some amazing fashion tips for thriving in NYC.

When asked whether the Lakers had talked about Lin in the locker room, World Peace replied:

Do we talk about him? Yeah, we talk about him. We think he needs a better haircut. I don’t like that style. You’re in New York, the fashion capital. Change your haircut, OK? You’re a star now. Wear some shades. Shades, OK? Put down the nerdy Harvard book glasses. Put on some black shades, OK? With some leather pants. Change your style. Fashion.

The interviewer naturally asked whether World Peace wore leather pants himself, to which he replied hilariously:

No, I won’t wear them, but he should wear leather pants. He’s the type of guy who should wear leather pants, some nice shoes and change his fashion. You’re Jeremy Lin, for godsakes. You know what I’m saying? You know? Put down that law book, stop reading the New York Times and start reading the Daily News. Newsday, that’s the one. I like that one because there’s always color in that one. What else? Wall Street Journal. Get some swag. You’re in New York City. Put your hat to the back, too. Put your hat on backwards. Come to practice with your pants sagging and just tell them, 'I don’t feel like practicing.' Practice? You know? Practice? And wear an Iverson jersey. You know? Come to practice with a cigar. Lit. 'I’m Jeremy Lin.' You know? He should change.

The whole interview is worth reading, but here are some other highlights: despite claiming ignorance about Linsanity, World Peace said Bryant was pumped to play Lin. "Kobe’s excited. He wants to get 50. He wants to welcome Jeremy Lin to his new level," he said. He also gives him some advice about how to make it in NYC: "He still has to play some New York City street ball to break himself in. He has to like go to Hunter College and Rucker and Kingdome and then he would be a real New York City insanity, or whatever you said."

We echo Bleacher Report: somebody bring Artest back to NYC, and give him a reality show mentoring new players, please, already, c'mon.