The Mets announced major changes at Citi Field this afternoon. Sadly, it wasn't that the team will cut Jose ".554 OPS" Reyes and bring up much-hyped shortstop prospect Armed Rosario, nor was it that Jeff Wilpon will be fired out of a cannon. Instead, the team announced that protective netting will be going up along the left and right field lines in an effort to keep fans from getting injured during games.

The team showed off the new netting, in a tweet that was sadly bereft of any explanation why they just figured they could go into the 2017 season with basically the same roster from 2016:

According to a press release from the team, the 30-foot netting (which is supposed to be 97 percent invisible) behind home plate will be extended past the dugouts near the camera wells in Sections 111 and 124. In addition, eight-foot high netting will go up in front of Sections 109 and 126, in right and left field respectively. The team also laid out the netting situation with a seating chart.

The team noted that "fan safety continues to be our top priority and using this technology will offer state-of-the-art protection for our fans while minimizing the impact on their viewing experience." They did not say anything about player safety.

Council Member Rafael Espinal praised the decision to triple the amount of netting protecting the stands. In the press release announcing the installation, Espinal said "my sincerest applause goes to the New York Mets for taking this big step in extending protective netting at all of their ballparks. So many families and fans will be kept safe because of this bold action."

The netting will appear at the stadium starting on July 14, when the Mets host the surprise juggernaut Colorado Rockies, just two weeks before they presumably try to sell of any veteran pieces who haven't totally broken down by the trade deadline.