In case you stopped paying attention somewhere between the Carlos Beltran trade and the team losing their would-be sugar daddy, the Mets are actually playing some decent (if not playoff-bound) baseball currently. However, the Mets are pretty sure you don't know that, since you haven't been showing up at Citifield—and to that end, they've announced a Star Wars-themed night this Tuesday September 13th to try to lure fans back to the stadium! Eh, it's still less desperate than Mariah Carey's husband-hugs-the-world night.

The night will "celebrate" the September 16 release of the nine-disc Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray, which has enraged many fans for its revisions. Darth Vader, Jedi and Stormtroopers will be at the stadium, fans are encouraged to dress up as Star Wars characters, there will be Star Wars trivia, and fans will get a commemorative t-shirt and a $5 donation to Stand Up To Cancer.

But wait! There's more! Besides Star Wars night, the Mets have been further branching out into social selling tickets on Groupon. Metsgrrl was gravely disappointed, calling it "just about as far rock bottom as you can get."

But we have faith in Star Wars night, because if R.A. Dickey says it's "legit" and "fun," how can we argue? He poses with Darth Vader, names his bats after Tolkien references, and takes the train with plebs—we'd follow Dickey to the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro.