Barneys' Warehouse Sale

In the name of beating a dead horse, Justin noticed this Craig's List personal:

I would love to meet a single white metrosexual in his 30s. I am a SWF in my early 30s, very attractive, tall and intelligent. So, if you are still rugged and manly send me an email and we can exchange some more information about ourselves and pictures.

Let's go shopping!

*if you don't know what a metrosexual is then you are most likely not one.

This is just Gothamist's opinion, but it seems like the porn of choice would be Lucky and that sample sales, not sex, would be on the agenda. Maybe clothing store changing room sex.

We spent part of the weekend trying to explain to someone that metrosexual didn't mean "latently gay." Apparently, some of the heterosexual men scoffing at metrosexuals were big Sex and the City fans, so now Gothamist is curious about the SATC-watching heterosexual men and how metrosexuals feel about SATC. Are the hetero boys watching it for naked women? Are the metrosexuals getting off on both great clothes and naked women? Readers?