Gothamist loves Mark Simpson. How can you not love a hunky gay gender theorist who says "Someone who looks like a male masseur at a Palm Springs spa can become governor of California" while also trying to explain what he meant when he first coined the term, metrosexual. Salon has a fabulous interview with Simpson, MetroDaddy Speaks!. Some of Simpson's wisdom from the piece:

When I wrote about metrosexuality back in the dark days of 1994 most were in denial about this new social problem. Metrosexuals themselves didn't want to confront who they really were. They were ashamed, not of their love for themselves, of course, but of what the world would think of it. They feared, probably correctly, that their partners and friends wouldn't understand, didn't want to understand. Although the media at that time was already full of metrosexual males, all of them were in the closet. There were no open, well-adjusted metrosexuals willing to be role models to young, isolated metros wrestling with their deep yearning for scruffing lotion and Lycra-rich underwear.

Simpson also discusses being credited (or not) for the term's origins; oddly enough, British journalists say the idea is from "New York admen" whereas U.S. journalists do credit him. Read the interview, it's filled with a lot of interesting thoughts about hetero and homo as well as metrosexuality. And we're not giving anything away when we leave you with Simpson's final words, "The only thing that's certain about the metrosexual is that he's the kind of man that the modern world deserves. "

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And last week, Comedy Central rerun the episode, South Park is Gay, where the males of South Park become metrosexuals, thanks to watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; there's even a Metrosexual Pride Parade. It turns out the the Fab Five are actually Crab People.