David and Victoria Beckham; Photo -AFPThe Times' Warren St. John tries to reassure New York men that fondness for a good skin cleaning regimen and designer jeans doesn't mean they are gay - they are just metrosexuals! It's okay for dudes to be as bratty as all the women at Kiehl's and it's okay to get manicures. Of course, this is almost a year after the idea was formally presented in the U.S. media by the term's coiner, Mark Simpson, in a great Salon article, "Meet the Metrosexual." Also, the Times article seems to be a rallying cry to get behind Harrison Ford's earring: "Even Harrison Ford, whose favorite accessory was once a hammer, now poses proudly wearing an earring." On that count, Gothamist disagrees and so does Fametracker.

The Metrosexual ideal is embodied by David Beckham, whose soccer prowess negates any of the gay that might come from wearing sarongs, painting his nails, or dressing like wife Posh. (But being a metrosexual doesn't excuse stupidity.)

Simpson has also written a book about understanding Morrissey, due out this fall. Morrissey is pretty far from being a metrosexual, Gothamist would venture. We know some fans who will be waiting outside the bookstore like a Harry Potter fan.

Gothamist on guys who wear girls' jeans.