There's another new free newspaper, as you might have been able to tell from the floor of the subway. Metro debuted yesterday, in the effort to milk advertisers for every cent they've got to corner young readers. Newsday, whose parent company, Tribune, owns amNewYork, our first free daily, says that Metro will have a press run of 300,000 (amNewYork's circulation was 180,000 at end of 2003). Of course, Metro, a London based company that has free newspapers in cities like Paris, Hong Kong, Stockholm, and London, considers its competition to be the Post and Daily News, not amNewYork. Gothamist would like to say, "Nice try," 'cause we read that piece about Metro being "politically neutral" and everyone knows that our tabloids run on bias steam alone. That was in yesterday's edition, which you can read Metro here (PDF); check out the inane story that's really just a ploy to get advertisers on page 11 (it "explains" that Metro is a global newspaper but it starts off about these two people, Ines and David, who are love shopping, going to restaurants, buying thing, getting presents, and buying more things, and how they'd be a perfect match if only Ines didn't live in Madrid and David in NY - and hey, Metro is a GLOBAL NEWSPAPER; the other awesome thing is how if you're interested in advertising for Metro, you have to call London, which is what every small business wants to do - spends lots in long distance phone calls).

And by way of New Yorkish, two-twenty has the exclusive on how am New York paper promoters are dealing with the Metro promoters.

You can see PDFs of the newspaper here.