Lucky 13 Saloon, a metal bar that made its unlikely home right in the middle of Park Slope's densest kale-raised baby thicket, is moving to Gowanus, for all the reasons you'd probably expect.

In addition to the fact that the new space, located on Sackett Street near Fourth Avenue, will be the same price as the current digs but around three times larger, the bar's owners have not made a secret of the fact that they loathe their Park Slope neighbors.

"Though we will miss the space we've been in for 11 years it's time to grow and to get the hell away from neighbors where we can have more shows and generally be the wild creatures we were meant to be!" they wrote on their Facebook page.

Indeed, Park Slope has been a less than hospitable locale for the bar, which attracts long-haired metal heads with its cheap beer, heavy tunes and gyrating go-go dancers, working the room only feet from the heads of residents trying to rest up for morning Pilates or the early shift at the Co-op.

"We hate our neighbors, and they hate us,” Melody Henry, who owns the bar along with Jeff Blanchard, told the Daily News, with tensions coming to a head six years ago when residents successfully lobbied to prevent the bar from holding live shows.

So what will become of the current space—a fetal yoga studio? A vegan cold-brew pop-up? Nope! Still a bar—Henry and Blanchard told the tabloid they are currently working on opening a new "loungy, New Orleans-style, voodoo" establishment. Bet the sounds of Slayer won't seem so bad once the goat heads start showing up, huh?