Original photo via Listen Missy!'s Flickr

One of the greatest things about this city is that, despite the occasional $135 bowls of soup, priceless works of art are on display basically for free every day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which charges a "suggested" donation of $20. But now the museum, facing "a number of daunting, ongoing budgetary challenges," is raising its pseudo-admission fee for the first time in years. The question: will anyone bother?

Beginning July 1st, the museum is bumping the fee up by $5, the first increase since 2006. While the museum wouldn't give a solid number for what the average visitor pays (for fear that all visitors will start paying only that amount), museumgoers have been shortchanging the institution for years now, and a spokesperson did admit that visitor contributions have decreased this year.

A highly scientific look around the internet confirms that plenty of people don't find it necessary to pay the full suggested fee, so the increase is probably not going to be the museum's saving grace. Perhaps their newly implemented $50 special viewing pass for the Alexander McQueen exhibit will?