2006_04_showcats.jpgTruth be told, this past season of America's Next Top Model hasn't been doing it for us, because it pales after Project Runway (and we think most of the wannabe models are not that good-looking). So we're super excited that on Thirteen tonight, there will be a program that goes undercover into the world of cat shows: The Standard of Perfection "Show Cats". It's supposed to show "the training, pampering, bathing, grooming and fussing that go into preparing a 'campaign cat' for the biggest event on the cat calendar" - plus all the backstabbing and dirty tricks! And today's NY Times feature/review says that "The most interesting moment is when one cat freaks out in the middle of a competition and leaps into the audience." Awesome - it's like Moscow Cats Theatre gone mad! And at 9PM, we can watch Veronica Mars back on the UPN, since the Nets game preempted last night's airing.

Did you notice how Times dining writer Julia Moskin mentioned her cat in the first line in her article today? There's a Brooklyn Cat Meet Up, but not one for Manhattan. And next week, there's Show Cattle - hear that Houstonist and Austinist.