Have you ever wondered what hours of shampooing, conditioning and blow-drying can do for a cat? Well, wonder no more because the CFA-Iams Cat Championship is in town again! Also known as the Cat Show, the event is at Madison Square Garden this Saturday and Sunday. Hundreds of cats representing forty-one breeds will be present and competing for various honors, and this year, there's a new Feline Agility Competition! Yes, the cats actually run through a course - it's mind-boggling, though next year there should be a Feline Laziness Competition as well as a Feline Troublemaking Competition.

2006_10_catadopt.jpgWe met some of the cats yesterday, including an amazing 18 pound Ragdoll cat, an unbelievably cute European Burmese kitten (he helped ring the closing bell at the NYSE last week!), a gorgeous silver tabby that can ring a bell, and a speedy short hair domestic who jumped hurdles. And while you can ooh and aah at the cats in competition, another bonus is that the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals will have 500 cats available for adoption at the show. So start thinking about where to put the litter box!

Here's information about the Cat Show; admission is $15 for adults and $13 for children & seniors, but here's a $1 off coupon that's good one per ticket (and the cat adoption part of the show is free and open to the public!).