There was a very nice Times article about the proliferation of cat blogs and why the feline kind are more 'Netted than pups. Writer Sarah Boxer theorizes:

Dogs would die if they had to wait for their owners to go off line. And who wants to post pictures of a dead animal? Serious bloggers, the kind who float to the top of Google regularly, just don't have time or space for dogs... [Regarding Infinite Cat, where there are "pictures of cats looking at pictures of cats looking at pictures of cats"]Those cats are like so many bloggers sitting at home staring into their computer screens and watching other bloggers blog other bloggers. Cats, who live indoors and love to prowl, are the soul of the blogosphere. Dogs would never blog.

And how! To really blog dogs, you'd really need better WiFi in parks. Boxer mentions a few of our favorite cat sites, such as My Cat Hates You and the Litter Box Cam, but we also love Cat Enema and Catster, which is like Friendster for cats, so in about two more months, we'll lose interest. Gothamist has also been enjoying the exploits of Winston over at fourfour (thanks to city rag, who pointed out fourfour's superb recaps of Being Bobby Brown, our reason for being on Thursday nights), plus what's happening with other mousers all over the city.

What are your favorite cat blogs?

Photograph of Winston the cat from fourfour