From the Le Male Yoga website

A yoga studio in Chelsea recently phased out women all-together and has rebranded as Le Male Yoga, even offering up all nude classes to its testosterone-fueled clientele. The "Nak'd Flow" sessions are described as "playful, fun and liberating," on their website, and while their Yogassage sessions are described as "sensual," the classes are not. In fact, they are "not sexual in any sense and are grounded in a modern hatha-vinyasa yoga philosophy," focusing on pose integrating intention, breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility.

According to DNAInfo, celeb yoga instructor Joschi Schwarz runs the place, which also offers traditional clothed classes for the prudes. Schwarz says most yoga studios are 90% women, and his goal is "to foster a community where men really can connect with each other"... and yourself. The studio is covered in mirrors, and Schwarz says: "You have to see how your body works—believe me, if you're naked, you see everything."

Classes cost $19 each, or $145 for a month of unlimited classes. Le Male Yoga is located at 163 West 23rd Street (if you go SEND US PHOTOS).