It feels like only a few hours ago we were offering our scientifically-derived summer movie recommendations, including the star-studded NYC mob movie The Kitchen—we were so young then! There was no trailer available at the time we published, so all we had only a few details about the pulpy DC comic book series adaptation—but below, you can now watch the full trailer for the film, which comes out August 9th.

The film, which was written and directed by Andrea Berloff (it's her directorial debut, although she cowrote Straight Outta Compton among other films), stars Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss as a trio of Irish mob wives in 1970's Hell's Kitchen. When their husbands are arrested by the FBI, they do what any self-respecting mob wives would do: take over for their husbands and get shit done.

Despite having two of the funniest women alive in the main cast, this is decidedly not a comedy—nor does it, on first glance, appear to be quite as dark as Widows, last year's woefully underrated Steve McQueen heist movie with a somewhat similar setup (just substitute "bank robbers" for mobsters). The cast here also includes Domhnall Gleeson as a hit man, character actress Margo Martindale, Bill Camp and Common.

In the meantime, we STRONGLY recommend you put the volume up on your computer and watch the ridiculously cheery video below, which has already justified the entire film for me.