2006_08_manateeplush.jpgBecause manatee is a fun word to say and because they are so cute, the NY Times continues to report on the meandering manatee that has been traveling up the Hudson. The manatee seems to be the talk of the towns on the river, and reporter Corey Kilgannon got this exchange:

Ian Heller, 15, and Jeff Samalot, 16, said they saw the manatee while in their 17-foot power boat heading from Haverstraw to the Shattemuc Yacht Club in Ossining, where they teach sailing.

“We were just off Croton Point and we saw what looked like a fat log in front of us, but then it rolled and swam away,” Ian said. “I’ve never seen a log do that.”

“It was too big to be a seal, and we kind of dismissed it until we heard later that there’s a manatee around,” Jeff added.

You have to love deductive reasoning. Some people think (hope?) the manatee could stay up here for a while, since the water near the Croton is clean and there are grasses. But they shouldn't try to find the manatee - the state DEP says, “The manatee is an endangered species, and it is against the law to even get close to it. It could be considered harassment.” Sigh, there go our weekend plans.

Many readers pointed out the photograph of what we thought was a manatee was actually a walrus at the NY Aquarium. So we turned to YouTube for this video of a manatee hitting its nose/snout against the glass at another aquarium. And with the Save the Manatee Club (started by former Florida Governor Bob Graham and Jimmy Buffett), if you adopt a manatee, you can get a manatee plush.