2005_09_whatis.gifWell, it's apparently many things, but for Gothamist, it's an opportunity to plunder the NY Times of 100 archive articles each month! For $49.95 a year, the potential to have 100 archived articles for free (they retail for $3.95) is the best money-making scheme we've heard of in a long time. Just think: Get your $395 worth of old articles for free and then sell them on the street! Even if you're selling them for 50 cents each, you're making money! That said, Gothamist welcomes Times Select with open arms because this is clearly a reward for home delivery and suffering with newsprinty hands and annoying inserts (no, Gothamist does not care that the new Richard Meier building has apartment available for more than $5 million!). And also because we've always wanted to see a little orange icon littered across the screen.

Have you tried out Times Select? What do you think? Gothamist can't believe that this is the NY Times' business model for making money off the Internet site, but whatever. We did like Dan Barry's introductory video - he's all about "embracing ignorance" when he writes his "About New York" column. The NY Times' FAQ on Times Select. Gawker on the offering, Memefirst on how the interface is a bit broken, and if you're not willing to pay for Paul Krugman's Op-Ed pieces, well, it's out there for free (but you can't meet him!).