While the media frenzy surrounding a dead and bloated dog that washed up from the East River continues into Day 4, let's take a look at what a real East River Monster would look like. Meet Rosie, who greeted New Yorkers shortly after the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed in 1883. Renderings of Rosie have appeared in at least two pieces of artwork by the same artist—who claims there were "near-daily assaults by her," and notes she would often grapple with the Brooklyn Bridge.


Sure, some may toss Rosie off as "fiction," but as we know from Nessie and Champ, lake and river monsters are actually quite common! The real thing to question is, is Rosie still in there? And if she is, will the Parks Department try to pass her off as a cooked pig like they did last time? Because naturally that would make the most sense.