And now the fourth episode of No Your City, an 8-part series created by Nicolas Heller, which we're premiering here every Tuesday morning. Below you'll meet Matthew, who takes a No Fear and All Love approach to the streets of New York, which some people react to better than others. As one fan explains to some kids in the video, "He puts smiles on people faces, you know, that's like one day you come through here and had a hard day at school, then you see brother Matthew over here, you see him, and you stop, and you start smiling and stuff. Then your hard day it's not so hard. He does it to me, it makes me smile."

Previously: Meet Shaun, who operates a rickshaw in a Spider-Man costume, Te'Devan, the 6'7" Jew Who Will Rap For You, and Don Ward the shoeshiner.

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