Lentz and Bieber (via Justin Bieber's Instagram)

Recently Justin Bieber has taken a shining to the Cool and Hip Christian Church called Hillsong, where sermons are often held in Irving Plaza and baptisms take place at that Gansevoort Hotel rooftop pool... or someplace a little more exclusive. It seems Bieber has been attending since last year, and in September he Tweeted about the church's pastor Carl Lentz, who wears leather jackets and goes against the grain... see?:

Update! Carl liked it. And here's that Tweet from Bieber:

Lentz—who says it's not uncommon to see celebrities at his sermons—recently spoke about the troubled pop star with CBN, saying, "I love Justin, he's a good kid. He's trying to figure this out. His behavior... you know, he's figuring it out. What should we do? People who are like, 'Is he even a Christian?' With Justin, I tell people grace and acceptance does not mean approval. I can accept you as a human being and not approve of your actions. That's how we've been loved. We love because we were first loved." He added, "With Justin, it's not my job to be his police officer. It's my job to be a friend to him, and that's all I am."

You can find more information about the church, its sermons and events on their website. [via Christian Post]