Below you'll find the eighth episode of No Your City, a video series created by Nicolas Heller which we've been premiering here every Tuesday morning. This is the final one for this season, but Heller and crew are already working on more.

In the season finale you'll meet Joey Boots, which is fitting as he seems like sort of a muse for this series. Boots talks to all of the people that you probably pass by each day, including the city's homeless. He says: "A lot of times people will yell at me for filming someone... say it' a homeless person and I'm filming them. It's someone I buy meals for all the time. I sit and talk with them. I'm not taking advantage of them. Just because they're homeless doesn't mean they have to be invisible to the rest of the world. Like I said before, they're allowed to have fun, too."

Previously on No Your City: Meet Shaun, who operates a rickshaw in a Spider-Man costume, Te'Devan, the 6'7" Jew Who Will Rap For You, Don Ward the shoeshiner, Matthew the pacifist clown, Hanksy, the punny street artist, the most insufferable performance artist, and the guy who parties in subway tunnels.

No Your City is an 8-part series created by Nicolas Heller, which we've been premiering here every Tuesday morning. Follow No Your City on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram... speaking of which: