Let’s face it, being single in the city ain’t easy. There are humans literally everywhere, but finding one you’re actually into is tricky business.

How many times have you been on a date and realized halfway through that you have nothing in common? Well, other than the area you live in and your shared hatred of the subway (which says nothing, other than that you’re both New Yorkers). Now imagine if you went on a date with someone whose conversation wasn’t limited to terrible small talk. What if you could meet someone who shared your abnormal obsession with dollar slices, 90’s R’n’B and the smell of old books at Strand Bookstore? (Don’t judge).

Turns out there’s an app that brings you closer to people who share your interests and lifestyle, by connecting you through the places you have in common. It’s called Huggle.

Huggle lets you discover and connect with people who go to the same places as you. Its aim: to match users who have common ground, stemming from the idea that we are more likely to get along with someone who shares our lifestyle and interests. It makes a lot of sense!

Since its launch, Huggle’s grown rapidly—with a total of 45 million places logged onto the app! It first gained popularity in London and now New Yorkers are ditching the competition for it. So how does it work? Huggle automatically checks you into the locations you visit—this can be anything from your favorite restaurant to your regular yoga class. Once Huggle has added your place(s), you can either tap to reveal who goes there or swipe through people’s profiles who you have places in common with.

What’s also great is you can use Huggle for finding friends, dates or both. So if you’re sick of going on dead-end dates or just want to network, Huggle is the perfect app to use, as you’ll only match with people who share your interests and lifestyle.

No more boring small talk. No more time wasting. Plenty more sniffing old books & listening to Mary J Blige with your Huggle match (or whatever it is you’re into). (Again, no judgment please!)

If you fancy checking out Huggle, or if you simply want to see if that hottie at the bar is on the app, download it here.

This post is brought to you by Huggle.