This week marked the anniversary of Elvis's death, and while the day went unobserved in other boroughs, The Bronx brought it. Specifically, Gene DiNapoli, the Bronx Elvis, brought it. Others brought lemonade, cigars, and lawn chairs to the celebration of The King, which took place last night in Westchester Square's Owen F. Dolan Park.

Gene DiNapoli. The Bronx Elvis!

Posted by Isaac Ambrose Moore on Monday, August 17, 2015

Attendee Isaac Ambrose Moore tells us, "we Bronxites were blessed with a performance by our very own Gene DiNapoli, The Bronx’s and New York City’s number one Elvis impersonator, in commemoration of the 38th anniversary of his passing to the great beyond." Moore continued:

"As the 6 train rumbled in to the Westchester Square station in the background, Mr. DiNapoli thrilled us Bronxites with his renditions of Mr. Presley’s classics as well as many original tunes written by Mr. DiNapoli himself. Ladies were fawning over our Elvis as he wrapped silken scarves around their necks, kissed them on their cheeks and shook his money maker. The large and boisterous crowd sang along, whooped and hollered has Mr. DiNapoli rocked the square. There wasn’t a person within earshot who was immune from his artistry."

BXELVIS15.jpg(Photo by Isaac Ambrose Moore)

The event was presented by the Westchester Square Business Improvement District as well as NYC Councilman James Vacca. DiNapoli is a New York treasure and you should follow him on Twitter and build him his own Graceland in Mill Basin.