The city's party elite was elevated to new heights on Saturday, when 19-year-old Bensonhurst resident Alex Vante (known to party people as Alex Xander) decided to go where no illicit celebration had gone before: The Manhattan Bridge.

The event—sorry, experience— got shut down by the cops just before 1 a.m., and Xander spent a few hours in the slammer. But he insists getting arrested was worth it—in fact, he and his parties, dubbed the Xander Experience, came out all the better for it. We took a few minutes today to talk to Xander on his way in to his office—yes, he has an office, and a whole company, to boot.

First of all, were you surprised by the turn out the fact that it lasted as long as it did? I'm not surprised at anything anymore. Everything just happens. Everything just happens, you know, so perfectly well together. Like, yeah everything just happens so perfectly well together. Somebody asked me if I was surprised at all the media coverage, and it's just something that's inevitable.

The party lasted for several hours—did you expect the cops to show up sooner than that? Listen, I'm surprised—of course I'm surprised they didn't show up sooner. You know, realistically, I didn't think they would show up at all, just because we're from what I believe is a secluded part of the bridge, that nothing could be heard. But it turned out to be we were a little too close to the city, you know, the civilian side. Which is where&mdashj;which is a big part as to why there were noise complaints and things like that. Had we been more towards the middle of the bridge, I think we would have went until the sun came up.

Do you think you'll try it again in the same place with that new-found knowledge of where to stand on the bridge? [laughing] This is a one-time thing, and I feel like nobody else will ever try it, it's just like the statement has been said. There's no more that they need to be saying.

So when the cops did come to break it up, were they nice about it? Were they generally pleasant? Yeah, yeah. One of them was dancing to the music. He was feeling it, he loved it. Listen, they were all just doing their jobs. And one of the cops said to me, "Listen, don't take it personally." He's like, "We're just following orders." And I told him, "Listen, I would take it personally if you didn't do this."

Really? Is that true? Yeah, oh yeah. Because that would mean there's something wrong with the NYPD.

So only three people were arrested. Why do you suppose more people than that weren't arrested? Well, it should have just been me that was arrested, but these guys came out of nowhere, and they wanted to go down with me. I initially owned up to everything, and tried to make a deal with the sergeant, to just take me, and these guys came out of nowhere. I organized everything, and I should be the one who took full responsibility, but…I don't see any reason why anyone else should take any blame. But yeah, these two kids came, and they said no, we're part of it also, and went down with me. Actually, I wouldn't say 'went down,' I think we all kind of went up.

How long did it take you to plan this whole thing? 10 days.

10 days? 10 days of promotion. Yeah, there really wasn't much to plan. Just bring some equipment and that's it.

According to our photographer who was there, a lot of people there were really young, like 16 or 17...And there were a lot of people there who were really old too. We had guys that they were in their 40s and their 50s, standing enjoying the music.

But are you worried that, you know, some kid is going to get wasted and like, fall off the bridge? Or die? Are you concerned about the liability? Well, with that argument, do you think that without me 16-17 year old kids aren't getting wasted?

Oh no, I didn't say that. But you could potentially be held responsible if something happened. No, I understand. Legally, I fully understand all the risks. That yeah, sure, I would have been responsible. But at the same time, I feel like a person has his own life for a reason. I don't tell them how to wake up in the morning, I don't tell them what to do, you know what I mean. If he wants to go get wasted and jump off a bridge, he doesn't need me tell him to do that.

What do you do when you're not throwing these parties? I have a real-life job, I'm actually headed to my office right now.

What is your job? I own a company called Vante Toys. And we sell to all the major retailers in the United States. [The parties] are like my philanthropy.

Is this the first time you'd been arrested for throwing a party? It's the first time I've ever been arrested for anything.

Was it everything you thought it would be? It was that and better. [laughing] I mean, like, people imagine arrests as these horrible things, but I felt like all these cops were my friends who were just sitting around talking, I just happened to be in the cell, and they weren't in comfy chairs, but, you know, I understand it's nothing personal. I was in the same boat as anyone else, I'm no more special than anyone else, I shouldn't be treated any more special than anyone else. It's understandable.

Do you have any plans in the works for your next party? Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to find out.

If you could throw a party anywhere in the city, where would it be? What's your ultimate party dream location? If I could throw a party anywhere in this city? Probably on top of the Statue of Liberty.

Like, on her head? Yeah, like on her head.