Today brings the third installation of our Bodega Cat series... or shall we say Round Three of our Bodega Cat Series. That's right, we're not just here to look at cute cats, that is not what the internet is for—we're here to judge them. Just as we crowned Moo the winner of our staff cat contest earlier this year, by the end of the 2012 installment of this series, we'll also crown the city's top bodega cat.

In the coming weeks we'll take a look at all of our catestants, and judging by cuteness level, personality, and ability to sleep on vegetables, we'll narrow it down to a reasonable number of finalists. A voting system will then be installed where you can help choose New York City's Next Top Bodega Cat! He or she will be rewarded with pats on the head, belly rubs, a 10th life, and a free pass from the Department of Health.