Hayden Christensen is Stephen GlassA.O. Scott sums up why everyone is so fascinated, especially himself, with The True Story of Stephen Glass, a.k.a Shattered Glass, in his Times review:

"But even if the memory of the [Jayson] Blair scandal were not painfully fresh, the earlier debacle would still exert a morbid fascination among journalists of a certain age and temperament, the kind of people who spend way too much time surfing media-gossip blogs and Web sites and who are generally obsessed with tracking the behavior of the fish in the neighboring bowls. Those people (I know a few of them) are insular and self-obsessed enough as it is, and the last thing they — oh, all right, we — need is a movie that amplifies and feeds upon that narcissism."

And then Scott continues to say, "'Shattered Glass' does that well enough (at least I thought so), but it is also, I am happy to report, much more than a knowing, insidery docudrama about a magazine that has long prided itself on its inside-the-Beltway knowingness."

Stephanie Zacahrek of Salon says Hayden Christensen is "superbly creepy" as Stephen Glass. Gothamist already knew Hayden could play superbly creepy because all throughout Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, he played Anakin as "frat boy rapist."

Net net: The Angelika and Paris will be super crowded this weekend with media mavens. But you can get tickets on Moviefone.