The blizzard may be cancelled in NYC, which has been left with a cruel wintry mix soundtracked by thundersnow, but other regions of the state are transforming into winter wonderlands. And other areas are literally frozen. Take Webster, NY, for example, where the effects of heavy wind just off Lake Ontario this week left homes encased in ice.

These photos were taken by WROC news anchor John Kucko at 9:10 a.m. on Monday morning, and of course quickly went viral. Typically you only see something like this when there's a fire during a snowstorm.

The iced-up row of homes reportedly "had back doors untouched by the ice, although windows and other entrances were sealed shut." The ice formations appeared after last week's windstorm, which was extreme even by local standards. "We don't usually get this kind of intensity," Kucko said of the conditions.

Currently, the area is being covered in snow, and could end up with 22 inches by tomorrow. Kucko—who told CNN the home he captured is a remote beach house around 25-feet from Lake Ontario—told us he will likely return to document the homes again after the snowfall.

Move over, ice car... and other ice car.