From Belle to Belle de Jour, TV's favorite annoying mafia princess, Jamie Lynn Sigler, will be portraying Heidi Fleiss in a USA Networks TV film about Fleiss called "Going Down: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss." It promises to follow Fleiss's transformation from rich teenager to call-girl ring running businesswoman, complete with her learning the tricks of the trade. USA Networks executive Jeffrey Wachtel says, "I think Jamie is the perfect combination of a girl next door with real intelligence who has the ability to manipulate every situation she is in. We've seen it in her role as Meadow on 'The Sopranos,' but it is much darker here." Fleiss looks so rough these days it's almost hard to imagine apple-cheeked Sigler in it, but we understand Jamie-Lynn's desire to be known as something other than Meadow or a singing belly button for Levi's commercials.

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