2006_11_southparktolerance.jpg- Walter Pertyk, the teen who dressed as Hitler (for Halloween) at his Brooklyn public high school, walked in the march that protested his actions. He tells the Post, "They called it a walk of tolerance and respect, so I figured I would go and show my tolerance and respect for other people's views of my costume." It's suddenly sounding like the Death Camp of Tolerance episode of South Park.

- David Langlieb, author of the "satirical" essay about Greenpoint for his alumni magazine has issued an apology. He writes, "I was not sufficiently sensitive to the power of historical stereotypes, even when invoked for the purpose of satire."

- And Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline. We take that as a tacit admission that she's sorry for inflicting him on us the past two years, most recently in NYC. We knew the sassy new hair and body meant something was afoot!