Frances McDormand in Laurel Canyon Seems like March is all Frances McDormand all the time. Profile by Joan Acocella in the New Yorker, profiles in the New York Times and L.A. Times this weekend, all doing these things:

1) Confirming Frances McDormand is very cool
2) Confirming F McD is a tough cookie
3) Talking about how she embraces middle age
4) Focus on her unconventional beauty
5) Acknowledging her upcoming him, Laurel Canyon

Not that I mind, because I think France McDormand is awesome, but there is definitely working being done to make her this salt of the earth actress. I think that her work already does a good enough job of that, whether she's got to be in love with Michael Douglas in Wonder Boys or play the mother of all mothers in Almost Famous and Fargo, or be a double crossing dame in Blood Simple and The Man Who Wasn't There. Or a crazy football fan in Lone Star or Miss Clavel in Madeline. Anyway, the L.A. Times reporter is lectured by Frances McDormand for saying pizza is fattening, which is amusing and totally believable. You wouldn't be able to imagine anyone else. Vive Frances.