2006_07_arts_mcbeeran.jpgMany of us have been enjoying McCarren Park Pool this summer. The Sunday afternoon Pool Parties are free and the music and dodgeball are reason alone to head out there, L or no L.

This weekend we went to our first non-free event at the pool, the Mew/Secret Machines/Bloc Party show. We went for the two openers and left prior to Bloc Party. We've been waiting for the Danish band, Mew, to come to town for two years and they definitely delivered, however both crowd and band were disappointed with the fact that their set only had FOUR songs.

More disappointing, or rather - mind boggling, was what we'll now refer to as "the beer situation". If you have been to the pool, you know it's rather large. Large enough for, say, 5 or more beer serving stations. There are, in reality, TWO beer serving stations. In order to get a beer, you need to first buy a ticket. We noticed only ONE ticket station, which was next to one of the beer stations, thus resulting in a single (very slow moving) giant line that wrapped around itself and a lot of people waiting over 40 minutes to procure a beverage.

The capacity of the venue is around 5500, please add some more stations, get rid of the ticket line...or better yet, make it BYOB.