Yesterday was one of the first shows of the summer at McCarren Park Pool. We headed over there to check out the venue, and of course the show. We'll have a review up of Les Savy Fav later on, for now we wanted to give you a look at what the venue is like incase you didn't get over there.

The venue was huge. Housing a dodgeball court, a slip and slide, a stage, an ice cream truck, beer tents and a ton of people...there was still plenty of space to be comfortable.

186047756_40d81a4b74.jpg 186083767_d83d609b71.jpg

More photos at Flickr.

Related: Tonight at 8pm PoolAid will be having a brainstorm session at Union Pool. From their email:

*Clear Channel/Live Nation is angling for a chokehold on our public pool this summer. They charge an arm and a leg, you pay through the nose, who reaps the profits? Not the bands or the community.

This is in reference to the shows this summer that do cost money. Yesterday, however, was the kickoff to a summer of free shows at the pool every Sunday (brought to you by JellyNYC and their Pool Parties.)

*Update: According to Wikipedia, "on December 21, 2005, Clear Channel completed the spin-off of Live Nation, formerly known as Clear Channel Entertainment. Live Nation is now an independent company and is no longer owned by Clear Channel."