Mayor Mike and Jennifer Lopez...Ick; Photo - WNBCDesperate to prove he's a regular guy, Mayor Bloomberg resorts to admitting he'd like to "have Jennifer Lopez." Have a guest for a photo event, folks, please, this is a family blog. (But, yes, Gothamist winced and threw up after reading that.) This was during an interview at WKTU, and after Mayor Mike mumbled, a DJ said, "He's a billionaire, but all his parts are working." Blech! Time for Gothamist to throw up again. [Via WNBC - which also has a survey of a Mayor Bloomby-J.Lo match]

The Times implies J.Lo might like the Mayor's style, as he is a billionaire and all. But her marriages to Ojani Noa and Chris Judd proves she likes the pretty boys. The Post and Daily News thrill in being able to put Jennifer Lopez and the Mayor in the same headline.

And we couldn't leave this one out: Conan O'Brien said, “According to a recent survey New York major Michael Bloomberg’s job approval rating has gone from 65% down to 32%. The survey was conducted among 500 New Yorkers smoking in the rain outside a bar.”