It's really tough these days to find people who enjoy—let alone talk about—this little TV show called Girls, but apparently it's a huge hit at City Hall. “We’re obsessed,” Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson told the Post. “It’s the big water-cooler topic of conversation Monday morning in the bullpen." We'll believe it when Mayor Bloomberg enters his next press conference to "Yankin."

The Post calls the Mayor's appreciation for the show (which is shooting a second season) "unlikely" because, "The billionaire mayor, 70, might not fit the target audience of broke 20-somethings trying to find themselves in Brooklyn," but he's certainly in the same circles of the actual stars of the show. And given his administration's staunch support of start-ups and the Creative Class (whatever that means) and filmmakers who use the city as a muse (and *ahem* if the city makes some tourism cash from it, it can't be that bad) it makes sense that City Hall would supposedly dig Girls.

"We want the next set of brilliant writers to watch the show and say, ‘I want to move to New York, too.’ ” Wolfson said. If New York needs anything, it's more writers.