2005_08_mayorcbgb.jpgOkay, Mayor Bloomberg is really not actually punk at heart, as he's a stickler for the "rules" or making up rules when it comes to smoking or being noisy or graffiti... but Gothamist got a kick out of the mayor holding up this Save CBGB's shirt. It's like he didn't want to put it on because suits are much more comfy! But Mayor B did say, "CBGB, it's a great New York City institution -- it's more than just another club. We are trying to bring both sides together. ... It's part of our culture. They bring a lot of business here. I don't think they belong any place else other than New York City." In other words, "I want to be re-elected with even the aging hippies and hipster haters loving me." The issue for CBGB's is that their landlord, the Bowery Residents' Committee, wants to increase rent over 100%, from $19,000 to $41,000.

And today, at 3PM in Washington Square Park, is the free Save CBGB's concert with Blondie, Bouncing Souls, Institute with Gavin Rossdale, Chestfield Kings, The Charms and others. No word on whether the Mayor will be there.