Tonight is a BIG night, TV-wise, so much so that we can't stand to DVR anything - we need to see it actual time. (Well, we are DVRing it so we can watch it over and over again, but you get the idea and urgency.) There's the Gilmore Girls finale, the Veronica Mars finale, and then a Kathy Griffin special on Bravo! (Okay, the Kathy Griffin special will probably repeat 10 times before the weekend, but we'll probably watch all 10 times because a Dakota Fanning-has-a-drug-problem joke is classic.) The Gilmore Girls finale will also feature Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, and Joe Pernice - thanks to music-lovin' creator Amy Sherman-Palladino (we will miss you next season) - which makes it aces in our book, but overall, it's been a very uneven season for the double G. But we're most excited for Veronica Mars to be on Tuesday at 9PM after all this time - too bad the season must end. And we think she might be visiting NYU in order to get that other witness to confirm Steve Guttenberg's Woody Goodman's bad man tendencies. Of course, many of you will probably be watching American Idol and House - it's okay to disagree, but for all of you who have been missing out of Veronica Mars because of House or Lost, we strongly advise you to pick up DVDs of Season 1 and 2 (when it's out).

However, if you like alarmism brought to screen in the form of TV movies, ABC will air their avian flu movie. The NY Times review says that there's a "makeshift flu center consisting of tents erected at the bottom of a subway station" (EW!!!) and the Time article with experts criticizing the film notes that one thinks New Yorkers will actually riot if there's a vaccine - good to know!

So, are you excited about any TV season finales? We'll be watching the West Wing, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, and the My Name is Earl/The Office (supersized!) finales. And while we love May sweeps, it will hurt to wait all summer for our favorite TV friends to come back (we're counting on you, Dawn Ostroff) in the fall. Luckily, Rescue Me returns on May 30 and we'll spend the rest of the time enjoying the outdoors.